Radon Testing and Abatement in Rome, New Hartford, and surrounding areas

We Offer Radon Testing and Abatement throughout Central New York

At Patrick Heating we believe in creating a comfortable, safe, and efficienct environment for our customers. We offer Radon Abatement Services throughout Central New York. The average Radon level in Oneida County is above the EPA Action level. We offer Radon Abatement Systems that control Radon in the living areas by creating a lower pressure beneath the basement slab and venting the Radon out of the house using a fan-assisted vent.  Sub-Slab Depressurization is an active radon control technique used to lower sub-slab air pressure relative to indoor air pressure by using a fan-powered vent to draw air from beneath the concrete slab.  

We offer Radon Services, including Radon Testing and Abatement, in Rome, Utica, New Hartford, and surrounding areas. 

Radon Testing & Abatement

Radon Abatement in Rome - Utica Area

Radon is created from the natural breakdown of uranium in the rock and soil below our homes and businesses. The radioactive breakdown of uranium leads to the creation of Radon, which as a gas easily rises through cracks in rocks and soil. Radon enters a home through the cracks in the foundation, water supply, and through other natural pathways. Radon is a known carcinogen to humans, and due to its half life radon often builds up in basements and lower levels. There are many things which affect the levels of radon in a home. There may be different levels of Radon exposure within a home depending on the geography, integrity of the foundation, season, and even the wind and air pressure. There is no safe limit for Radon and even low exposure has shown increased risk for lung cancer.   

We Provide Radon Testing and Abatement in Central New York

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